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Digital Dog is God (Vocal House, Dance) - DJ Kerry John Poynter

Inspiring Your Electronic Dance Music Scene

The second in what is to be a tribute series of "God" mixes. "Morgan Page is God" turned out to be a critical success and a fan favorite! Each "God" tribute mix will be dedicated to one of my fave DJ/producers featuring tracks they have remixed or produced. Digital Dog produces an electro house sound that easily layers into some great vocal pop melodies. They are a duo, consisting of Steve Cornish and Nick Mace from the U.K., that also record under the name Jack Rokka. Here are fourteen of my favorites seamlessly mixed together. Look out for a Freemason's "God" mix later this summer. Enjoy!

Track List (56:04):

  1. Fire With Fire (Digital Dog Club Mix) - Scissor Sisters: (My fave tune on this set!)
  2. In The Heat Of The Night (Digital Dog Remix) -  Star Pilots
  3. Take Off (Digital Dog Club Mix) - Jack Rokka vs. Betty Boo
  4. Rockin' at the Disco (Digital Dog Club Mix) - Bandito
  5. Forgiveness (Digital Dog Club Mix) - Wamdue Project feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn
  6. Chemistry (Digital Dog Remix) - Velvet
  7. Twist in My Sobriety (Digital Dog Club Mix) - Adams Les feat. Alexis
  8. Cut (Digital Dog Remix) - Plumb
  9. Long Gone (Digital Dog Club Mix) - Chris Cornell
  10. Hang On (Digital Dog Extended Mix) - Plumb
  11. Don't Call Me Baby (Digital Dog Club) - Kreesha Turner
  12. I Can Be (Digital Dog Remix) - Taio Cruz
  13. Automatic (Digital Dog Mix) - Ultra Nate
  14. Funhouse (Digital Dog Remix) - Pink

Thanks for listening!

Kerry Poynter