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Electronic Heart (2010) 10th Anniversary [NuDisco, Vocal House]

DJ Kerry John Poynter

Celebrating 10 years! Electronic Heart is one of my fave podcast episode mixes from the past ten years. Originally from August, 2010, dusted off and re-released. #NuDisco #VocalHouse

"In my opinion. Probably the best podcast available. Loved the Elec Heartbeat mix. More like this please. A++++" -
Al simkins via Apple Podcasts ·Great Britain ·08/29/2010

Club Kerry NYC 10th Anniversary, Jan. 13, 2009-2019.

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Not all electronic music is cold, unfeeling, and heartless. Sometimes it can fill your being and your heart with substantial light that rejuvenates your soul. You may find yourself intenerated with an overflow of warm flowing energy. This is Electronic Heart. If you enjoyed my "Electronic Love" DJ mix from 2009 then this mix is the companion. In many cases it borrows heavily from the nu wave disco genre made popular by producers such as Lifelike a few years back. Additionally, you will notice that male vocals dominate. Fans of my mixes know a great male vocal to a dance/electronic beat is one of my signatures.  This mix is a slight departure from my usual uplifting energy dance mixes but still just as good.

Directions for listening:

  1. Download to your computer and/or sync with mp3 players.
  2. Turn volume up.
  3. Choose from one of the following:

A. Go on a brisk walk with your headphones securely fastened. You may not find yourself engenerated with an overflow of energy.B

B. Find your sweetie, turn down the lights, light some candles, sit between your surround sound on your couch, and then..

C. Partake of your favorite mind altering laid back substance (legal or not) and proceed to the middle of your floor with your surround sound system.

D. If all else fails, just marvel in the musical fantasticness that is invading your body, mind, and soul.


Track List (57:50):

  1. Young At Heart (Visitor Remix) - Amy Meredith ***DJ Fave!***
  2. Nightdrive With You (Fear of Tigers Remix) - Anoraak ***DJ Fave!***
  3. Can One Day Change Your Life (John Creamer, Stephane K & Lance Jordan Extended Mix) - Tom Geiger
  4. Two Love (Diamond Cut Remix) - Matt Van Schie
  5. Can't Stay - Dato
  6. Your Tiny Mind (Lifelike Remix) - Relation
  7. Middle Distance Runner (Album Mix) - Chicane feat. Owl City/Adam Young
  8. Wish U Were Here (Diamond Cut Remix) - Radio Ink
  9. History (Grum Remix) - Groove Armada feat. Will Young
  10. The Worse It Gets (Starsmith Remix) - Penguin Prison
  11. In It Together (Polygon Palace Remix) - Human Life
  12. In The Air (Grum Remix) - TV Rock

Thanks for listening!

Kerry Poynter