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Electronic Heart 3

Vocal House & Electronic

Not all Electronic dance music is cold, unfeeling, and heartless. This is Electronic Heart V.3. Mixed and remixed and spent all summer occasionally working on this mix. I love it! #MelodicHouse #VocalHouse Free: View the full visual video synced to the beats on YouTube!

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Track List (57:28):
  1. Driving Through the Night (Jerro Remix) - Petite Biscuit
  2. Rinzen feat. Anaphase - Some Good Here (Extended Mix)
  3. Let Me In feat. Richard Walters (Original Mix) - Anderholm
  4. Hide Away (Extended Mix) - Natascha Polke
  5. Be Here & Now (Original Mix) - Tinlicker feat. Nathan Nicholson
  6. There For Me (Amonita Extended Mix) - Marsh
  7. River of Dreams (Extended Mix) - Kaiyan & EMBLEM
  8. Coming Home (Extended Mix) - Bound to Divide & Lewyn
  9. Run (Sultan & Shepard Remix) - Lane 8 & Kasablanca
  10. Another Planet (Mixed) - Marsh & Sun Ra
  11. Leave Me Here - Jerro feat. Fractures 
  12. My Breath (Extended Mix) - Dezza & Dan Soleil
  13. West End Girls  (Maris Remix) - Myself & The Band
  14. Illusions (Original Mix) - Christoph & Artche
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Kerry Poynter