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Goddess Control: The 2nd Coming (Visualizer Ad)

2nd Anniversary Madonna Megamix

Absolutely crackin’ mega-mix!…her newer work fits perfectly with her classics.” - Matthew Rettenmund for

Two years after the original release, the visualizer (preview) for Goddess Control: The Second Coming makes its debut on the podcast to celebrate the continued success of the mix. View the complete 60 minute visualizer video on YouTube. Visualizer by Kerry Poynter. 

Before Club Kerry NYC (with Kerry in tow) and Madonna Remixers United (MRU) became TRULY UNITED in partnership (March, 2022) there were the semi-regular and over a dozen of Kerry's "Madonna is God!" tribute megamixes on his podcast from 2013-2022. Goddess Control: The Second Coming is arguably one of the best. It definitely is one of the most downloaded episodes, charted top 100 on multiple podcast charts in many countries, and went viral on fan sites in part due to a Boyculture Blog review and posting (thanks Matt). Remixes by MRU remixers appeared in most of those megamixes and/or in many of the regular bi-weekly mix episodes in the last almost 14 years. This was somewhat purposeful rather than accidental in nature as Kerry was often on the prowl for a well produced and quality sounding Madonna remix. MRU remixers Dubtronic, Sebissimo, and ARIHLIS are still under Goddess Control!

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Review from listener
Goddess Control: The 2nd Coming Track List (64:14):

  1. God Control [Arihlis ATM Remix] Edit verses God Control (Dubtronic We Need Love Remix) Edit - Madonna. Get these remixes at ARIHLIS Soundcloud or Dubtronic Soundcloud.
  2. Like A Prayer (James Anthony's Big Room Mix) - Madonna
  3. Devil Pray (in September Sebissimo home remix) - Madonna. Make sure to listen to other remixes by Sebastian Sebissimo on his Soundcloud page.
  4. I Rise (Offer Nissim Remix) - Madonna
  5. Love Profusion (The Passengerz Club Profusion) - Madonna
  6. Crave (Tracy Young Remix) - Madonna (feat Swae Lee)
  7. Lucky Star (Moustache Machine Remix) - Madonna
  8. American Life (Peter Rauhofer's American Anthem, Part 2) - Madonna
  9. Medellin (DJLW and John Christian Remix) - Madonna (feat Maluma)
  10. Dark Ballet [WhatTheFishSay Remix] - Madonna
  11. Ray Of Light [Victor Calderone Drum Mix] - Madonna
  12. Easy Ride (Tracy Young & Giangi Cappai's Easy Remix)
  13. Put a Record On - Matt Sassari - Madonna
  14. I Don't Search I Find (Ryan Skyy Remix) - Madonna
  15. Hollywood (Deepsky's Home Sweet Home Vocal Remix) - Madonna

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Kerry Poynter