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ODM (Jake O’Dwyer) , a.k.a. D'LuxeDJ


London based remixer/producer, a.k.a. D'LuxeDJ. Affiliated with Madonna Remixers United.

(From I have been interested in sound since I was a small kid. One of my earliest memories is hearing I Feel Love by Donna Summer and being blown away by that awesome bassline thumping between the speakers. I used to listen to one speaker, then the other and then just sit in the middle of them in wonderment.
Madonna has been a part of my musical discovery for 35 years now. Her music has been the soundtrack to my life for so long that I would be lost without it.
Remixing her songs brings me so much joy. I cannot begin to describe how healing the process is. Whatever is going on in my life, the excitement, passion and joy that I feel when I start a new remix is always the same.
Madonna's music has fuelled my love of music production. Don't get me wrong, as an artist she unparalleled. But as I've said before, the release of You Can Dance changed everything for me.
I was kind of aware of remixes before that album, after that I became obsessed. Those glory days of the early 90s, Shep Pettibone, Madonna pushing boundaries... Amazing.
I used remix on a tape to tape deck, chopping stuff up, extending... All the while wanting to to create a whole new sound. Finally, in 2001 I got my first Mac and I've never looked back.