Club Kerry NYC Podcast & The Official Podcast of Madonna Remixers United

Hot Religious Mess (Vocal House, Dance) - DJ Kerry John Poynter

Inspiring Your Electronic Dance Music Scene

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"When I'm back on the dance floor I'm religious." - Gravitonas. Full of hot beats guaranteed to take you to your own personal EDM temple. "...find a new calling to God." May become one of my fave sets of this year. Enjoy!

Track List (57:13):

  1. Stone Cold (Beltek Remix) - Alan Connor: My fave tune on this set. Yorkshire (England) native, best known for his tracks "I Love the Sunshine" and "Sun Went Down", returns with a progressive house stomper thanks again to Beltek. "Have you ever shared a drop of blood, Are you human or is that to much to ask for, I really want to know is there something underneath the roof, Is your heart beating fast enough? Your stone cold!"
  2. Alive (Mikael Weermets & Johan Wedel Remix) - Markus Binapfl & Erick Morillo Feat. Fiora Cutler: "First you let loose and let the rhythm take you away.... let it lift you up high. I feel alive!"
  3. 1000 Islands (Triarchy Edit) - Pendulum vs Rank 1 vs Nic Chagall vs Wippenberg: The original Pendulum track first appeared on my DJ set Heaven about two months ago.This mash up is just as tasty. "What are you waiting for as we go towards the light?"
  4. Kickstarts (Wideboys Extended Remix) - Example: "Look into your eyes imagine life with out ya'. Love kickstarts again." The original is perhaps the 2nd biggest tune for Example but this remix by Wideboys is irresistible.
  5. Religious (Dada Life Remix) - Gravitonas: "I used to be hollow, Then you came along, Now i kneel to Apollo." Second fave tune.
  6. I Will Find You (Outburst Vocal Mix) - Mark Sherry feat. Sharone: "Hope is your survival, no matter where you go I will find you, In a place of no frontier... If it takes a thousand years." Third fave tune. Soaring vocals and a driving trance beat that is just out of this frakin' world!
  7. Frozen Umbrella (Henrik B vs. DjRoman Bootleg Remix) - Madonna vs Ingrosso: "Let all the hurt inside of you die, You hold the key." One of the top 25 most powerful women in the last century (recent Time Magazine) vs 1/3 of Swedish House Mafia. Rumor is Ingrosso and Madonna will record together on her next album. I quiver in anticipation. This bootleg is amazing.
  8. I'm In Love (Dave Martin, Hamvai PG & Roberto Winny Remix) - Compact Disco: "But she didn't give me time enough to pray, I've a love, I hope, will see the light of day, I'm in love..."
  9. Survive (Club Mix) - Laurent Wolf feat. Andrew Roachford: "People surviving people. Gotta find a good way to stand up for brother. Why are we just waiting in vain, why are we so much in pain, survive."
  10. Hello (Club Edit) - Martin Solveig feat. Dragonette: "I could stick around, get along with you, doesn't mean that I'm really into you. Yeah I think you're cute, but I really think that you should know. I just came to say hello."
  11. Leave It All Behind  (Chad Jack Alternate Mix) - Jason Walker: "And I won't be held back by should's or could have been's Oh no, Oh no. I had to leave it behind. And it's a fact that I'm back and I'm feeling better than I felt before."
  12. Hot Mess (12" mix) - Chromeo feat. Elly Jackson from La Roux: "Your a hot mess! Because love wasn't meant to complain." Disco robot love song. LOL! Another fave on this set.



Thanks for listening!

Kerry Poynter