Club Kerry NYC Podcast & The Official Podcast of Madonna Remixers United

It’s So Cool (Vocal House, Dance) - DJ Kerry John Poynter

Inspiring Your Electronic Dance Music Scene!

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Track List (56:53):

  1. My Number (Original Mix) - Andy Duguid feat. Donna & Anthony: This fantastic tune is from Andy’s debut album Believe. Andy is definitely one to watch. Catch his other great tune, Hold My Breath, also from the album, on my previous podcast set called Let's Hear It 4 The Boyz (Part 2).
  2. Pick Up The Phone (Richard X 12inch Remix) – Dragonette: Dragonette returns with the first single from the new album and Richard X serves up his usual tasty treat(ment). These first two tunes were meant to be together.
  3. Boys & Girls (Original Extended Version) - Martin Solveig feat. Dragonette: Somehow I found myself listening to two new tunes featuring Dragonette. French DJ/producer Martin Soveig gives us DragonettefrontwomanMartina, all overseen by fashion guru Jean Paul Gaultier. Don’t miss the fun music video featuring all three of them. Electronic pop the way it should be!
  4. It’s So Cool (iTunes Bonus Track) – Madonna: This is her Madgesty’s third new track from the greatest hits album Celebration. It’s originally a tune from the American Life (2003) recording sessions but remade with an Oakenfold production. “Prophets are telling us, we’re near the end, but I am telling you that it’s all pretend.”
  5. Broken Tonight (Original Mix) - Armin Van Buuren feat. Van Velzen: Male vocals should not be shunned in the club community. Time to grow out of your female vocals only or no vocals at all prejudice. C’mon, this is awesome! Good vocal, great beats, strong lyrics. “You don’t have to be broken…”
  6. Sleeping Satellite (Club Mix) – Jan Johnston: There is always a classic or a remake on my sets. This one is just from a few years back but with a slew of new mixes for today with the same amazing Jan Johnston vocal.
  7. New In Town (Fred Falke Remix) – Little Boots: Yeah, I’ve become a Little Boots fan of sorts. However, I’ve become a bigger fan of Frede Falke and his outstanding mixes of late. Go check him out!
  8. Watch The Sun Come Up (Moam Mix) – Example: A rather mediocre tune is turned into trance greatness with this Moam remix.
  9. I Love The Sunshine (Beltek Vocal Radio Mix) - Alan Connor vs. Mike Melange: Now for the schmaltzy moment of the set with an infectious chorus.
  10. Fugitive (Richard X Extended Mix) – Pet Shop Boys: The Dragonette remix by Richard X reminded me of his outstanding mix of this outtake by PSB. It’s one of the few bright spots by PSB in recent years. Yeah, I didn’t much like their past two albums. So shoot me. Or rather tell PSB to get a bit more original with their sound. But to PSB’s credit, this tune had good source material for Richard to work with.
  11. Bulletproof (Tiborg Club Remix) – La Roux: I loved the Fred Falke remix of Bulletproof as well but Tiborg won me over.
  12. I Don't Know (Jerome Isma-ae Remix) – Moony: Moony’s voice is killer. Monica Bragato (Moony) first became popular with the tune Point of View by DB Boulevard and her own song Dove (I’ll Be Loving You).

Thanks for listening!

Kerry Poynter