Club Kerry NYC Podcast & The Official Podcast of Madonna Remixers United

Loverush UK is God! A DJ Tribute (Vocal House, Dance) - DJ Kerry John Poynter

Inspiring Your Electronic Dance Music Scene

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I love a collection of my fave DJ's, producers, or artists. Loverush UK! has somehow found a repeated playing on my hugemongous list of electronic dance tunes. So, they are God! Such a guilty pleasure that always brings my mood up Up UP! If you love their sound then this mix is for you. It's so good you get two parts! Part two on Soundcloud."You'll always be a shining star. Stand strong...Su-su-su-su-Superstar!" (track #1). "Dance to the rhythm of the dreams in your head." (Track #10). I'm a whore for new beats. If you luv progressive house vocal pop beats with easily digestible hooks then this tribute "God" mix is for you.

Early Club Kerry fan reviews of Part 1:

"I love you... more music to keep me on cloud 9 flying high in the sky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Cleo Muralles

"sends quivers up my spine. Keep up the good work cuz honey when you spin those records I orgazum ♥'ssssssssssssss." - Domonic Motto Jr.

Download my previous series of "God" tribute sets. Morgan Page is God, Digital Dog is God, Freemasons Are God Part 1, Freemasons Are God Part 2, Kaskade is God!, & Tiesto is God!

Get into Loverush Uk! on iTunes:!/id214952743

or Beatport at:!/41901

*** = DJ Favorite!

Track List (67:25):

  1. Su-Su-Su-Superstar (Loverush UK! Club Mix) - Brian Kent
  2. One & One (Loverush UK 2012 Club Mix) - Loverush UK & Maria Nayler - Robert Miles found God status with this melody in 1994 with "Children" then his third single "One & One" feat Maria Naylor. ***Classic! (reborn)***
  3. Smile (Loverush UK Remix) - Sound Of Soho Feat Amanda Wilson
  4. Sorry Space Shot - Madonna vs Ash & Loverush UK! - Holy crap I love this unusual mash up. Let go of the original structure of the original Madge tune and give in to this one. "I heard it all before..."
  5. Falling Away (Loverush UK Club Mix) - Hannah
  6. Yeke Yeke 2011 (Loverush UK! Club Mix) - Mory Kante vs. Loverush UK ***DJ Favorite!***
  7. Not Over Yet (Loverush UK! Remix) - Grace - I used to love the original... many years back. Yay. ***Classic!***
  8. Tonight In Babylon (Club Mix) - Loverush UK & Bryan Adams
  9. Firefly (Loverush UK! Remix) - Paul Oakenfold Ft. Matt Goss
  10. It's Alright (Loverush UK Remix) - Aviv Geffen: I find myself humming this one all the time. "Dance to the rhythm of the dreams in your head."
  11. Stars Collide (Loverush Uk Remix) - Damien S Feat Femke
  12. 5 Reasons (Original Mix) - Loverush UK!, Sylvia Tosun: This tune is now a classic in my world.
  13. Beat Of My Drum (Loverush UK! Club Mix) - Sidney Samson Vs Tara McDonald: L-O-V-E!

Thanks for listening!

Kerry Poynter