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Lunatic Superstar (Vocal House, Dance) - DJ Kerry John Poynter

Inspiring Your Electronic Dance Music Scene!

Warning! Excessive beats per minute on this ride. Extreme dancing, movement, and increased heart rate may occur. If you are pregnant, hard of hearing, have high blood pressure or a heart condition then you are advised not to press play. It's been a while since the energy level has been this high on one of my podcasts. At about 30 minutes in it reaches 140 BPM (beats per minute). Usually it's between 128-130. It's SO good. Are you a lunatic superstar? Find out. Enjoy!

Track List (55:15):

  1. Shine Like A Superstar (7th Heaven Club Mix) - DJ Elle: I remember listening to the original a few months back and thinking it was trash. But 80's band 7th Heaven, now turned producer/remixer have pumped out a fun house vocal.
  2. Lunatic (Club Mix) - The Disco Boys: German DJ/producers, The Disco Boys, create a future disco tune by sampling Gazebo’s 1986 tune “Lunatic”. The original was a top ten hit in Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland. View the original music video here:
  3. Bodies (Cahill Refix) - Robbie Williams: The fun continues with always reliable Cahill with Robbie's #2 UK hit. "All we’ve ever wanted, Is to look good naked, Hope that someone can take it, God save me rejection, From my reflection, I want perfection"
  4. Counting Down The Days (Original Extended Vocal) - Sunfreakz feat. Andrea Britton: One of my fave tunes from 2007 that just needed to be brushed off. "Been around, now I found, I was walking on the wrong track yeah, Took my time, I was fine, I was looking for you, Lost my way, for the day, got my ticket, now I'm right back, Here to stay, it's okay, now I'm walking with you"
  5. Knock You Out (Original Mix) - Tiesto feat. Emily Haines: Emily is the lead vocalist from the indie rock band Metric. Check out the fab 3M remix of Metric's Gimme Sympathy on my previous podcast "Happiness Happening". Knock You Out is from Tiesto's new album Kaleidoscope. "Somebody to rough you up, Somebody to make it tough, Somebody to bait you, Somebody to love, But wait…"
  6. Home (Paul Van Dyk Club Mix) - Paul Van Dyk Feat. Johnny Mcdaid: Johnny is the former singer of the British cult band VEGA4. Home seems to meld the lyrical rock with the electronic. Good stuff. Paul Van Dyk remarked at an August Central Park performance that the song was about New York City. Hmmm. "They fashion streets out of the rock, Struck up statues to their gods, amen"
  7. Just Say Yes (Thin White Duke Mix) - Snow Patrol: Rock band Snow Patrol on my podcast? Stuart Price aka the Thin White Duke (Madonna/Confessions) takes the band onto the dance floor. Just say yes!
  8. Papillon (Tiesto Remix) - Editors: Wow! This song grows on you. It may become one of my faves of the year. Tiesto turned it out and reaffirmed why I loved him years ago. "Darling, just don't put down your guns yet. if there really was a God here, He'd have raised a hand by now. It kicks like a sleep twitch!"
  9. Give Me Love (Original Mix) - Coburn: My classic tune of this episode. This song never seems to get old. Lyrically it always reminds me of an old Georgio Moroder song.
  10. Bad Romance (Grum Mix) (Kerry John Poynter's Extended Revenge Edit)  - Lady GaGa: Hot off the success of Paparazzi, Lady "sounds like baby food" Gaga kicks out a batch of new tunes. Skip the original and the formulaic sounding Bimbo Jones mix. Grum serves up a tasty 80's fusion sound. Love!

Thanks for listening!

Kerry Poynter