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Madonna’s Heartbreak Beats (DJ Tribute MegaMix) Feb. 27, 2022

A consistent theme in Madonna's song writing is that she doesn't know long term love, which has made for some brilliant music. Featuring Madonna Remixers United remixers (Vocal House, DJset).

A consistent theme in Madonna's song writing is that she doesn't know long term love, which has made for some brilliant music. A big thanks to the Madonna Remixers United and all the remix revolutionairies. This is Madonna's Heartbreak Beats. Free: Support the Madonna Remixers United and get their latest releases at Madonna's Heartbreak Beats Image "The undiscovered brilliance... DJ Kerry is magic!" (App Review). Ranked in the top 1% most popular podcasts globally by Listen Notes. "Awesomesauce" featured Tunr app. "Global Reach" top 20 music podcast. "Stylistically superior. The best vocal house podcast on the net" (iTunes Review). "Top Electronic Podcast" category on Player FM. Celebrating 13 years: 2009-2022.

Track List (65:32):

1. Madonna - Beautiful Scars (Dubtronic Unvisible Scars Remix)

2. Madonna - Across The Sky (Dubtronic Skyrain Remix)

3. Madonna - You'll See (Okjames Scorpio Rising Mix)

4. Madonna - Extreme Occident (NEPHEW SOM Breakthrough Remix)

5. Madonna - HeartBroken (Lukesavant & Cleo Nasser Interlude)

6. Madonna - Sorry (Early Backdrop Mix)

7. Madonna - Voices (2017 Loka Nunda version 3)

8. Madonna - Till Death Do Us Part (Luin's Marriage Story Mix)

9. Madonna - Devil Wouldn't Recognize You (Rising Sun Remix)

10. Madonna - Love Spent (JAMIE MANGO TWIN Mix)

11. Madonna - Bad Girl (Cavalier's Memory Loss Remix)

12. Madonna - Drowned World_Substitute For Love [Arihlis Remix]

13. Madonna - Falling Free (Deepstereo Seen Molly remix)

14. Masterpiece (DJ Yonce Her-issue Re-Edit)

15. Madonna - Alone With You (with Avicci)

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Kerry Poynter

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California based remixer/producer. Affiliated with Madonna Remixers United.

(From Growing up in Idaho in the 80s it wasn’t long before I ditched the toys and picked up a boombox. From a very early age my interests became consumed with music. My cousins had inherited a massive record collection in the mid 80s and I was obsessed with exploring and experiencing new music. It wasn’t long before my focus changed from the Muppets to Madonna. I spent my adolescent years loving music and loving Madonna, often saving my lunch money so I could buy albums from the Sam Goody. When I was in my early 20s, I moved to New York City. I attended clubs like the Roxy and the Tunnel just to hear the latest remixes of Madonna and others. I was very interested in the concept of reinventing music to suit the dance floor and looked up to the DJs. Later when I moved to Minneapolis, I reconnected with my uncle who was a club DJ for 25 years. He would make arrangements for me to be admitted to his clubs and events even though I was underage. At the door they would have me on the list as “DJ’s Nephew” something I didn’t think much about at the time, but when I started club djing I realized it would be the perfect moniker. It was around 2005 when I purchased my first Digital Audio Workstation and began making mixshows, mashups, and remixes. My first was “Madonna – Get Into the Minimal Groove”; a mashup of Madonna and the Pet Shop Boys. The remix was surprising popular and I did a few more before my focus shifted to club djing. Around 2012 I stopped club djing and spent my time learning more about music theory and production. Today I am happy to say I am a song writer and music producer. I am writing my own music and creating my own sounds. It is thrilling to continue making new and unique Madonna mixes as well as other contemporary artists. I prefer not to repeat what Madonna and others have already done; I am interested in changing the sounds, not recreating them. I hope to open eyes and ears to a world of unique ideas and sounds. I look forward to sharing much more in the future.
Love Always NEPH•EW

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London based remixer/producer. OKJames' (a.k.a. James Loosemore) first official remix was for music legend Holly Johnson's remix album "Club Europa". This was followed up by a remix for NY-based Bright Light Bright Light's remix album "Life Is Hard". OKJames has since remixed a variety of artists including Marcella Detroit, KC and the Sunshine Band, Martin Degville, Minute Taker, Lostchild, Fuzzbox and Tight Fit, to name a few. He's currently working on his first album and you can check out his remix catalogue on spotify:

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Switzerland based remixer/producer. Originally a co founder of Madonna Remixers United with Lukesavant and Donny, now moved on to be a independent Remixer and sometimes even a Drag Queen.

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Remixer/Co-Founder Madonna Remixers United

California based remixer/producer. Madonna Remixers United founder.