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Madonna's Mashed Potatoes & Chill - The Official Podcast of Madonna Remixers United Ep. 7

The Hottest Madonna Mashups!

Madonna's Mashed Potatoes & Chill. Free


Madonna's Mashed Potatoes - The Series Launch! Dual episodes and visualizers: "Chill" & "Reheated". Finally enough love for the hottest Madonna mashups, curated and mixed, for the very first time in this semi-regular series for Madonna Remixers United and the official podcast, Club Kerry NYC. Produced, curated, mixed, and visualizer design by Kerry Poynter.

This dual release allows for a breadth of diverse remixes, sounds, beats, and moods. Not all mashups are high energy disco house stompers. Episode 7: Madonna's Mashed Potatoes & Chill features two exclusive hot new mashups:

  1. Madonna vs. Pat Benatar - The Look of Love is a Battlefield (KGM Sasha Mashup)
  2. Madonna vs. Russ Chimes - Falling Free (BrandonUK vs Russ Chimes 2022)

Go "Behind the Remix" featurettes with Marco Sartori, Dubtronic, Sasha Laryukov, and BrandonUk. This segment goes deep at times in the remix craft, with some unexpected laughs, and an important look at gender inclusion in the remixer community. A warm up before the mix begins.

Features a unique visualizer developed in tandem with the DJ mix and meant to be an integral part of experiencing this particular episode. The visualizer is ONLY the mix and not the full episode. Visualizer for handheld devices (mini version). Visualizer (High Definition) - Madonna Remixers United YouTube (Recommended!)

Listen/Stream at Download & subscribe via preferred player app: Artwork by Nurmemagi Designs.  Download and share. Find downloads mashups featured in this mix at

Track List (64:12): 

  • Introduction & a tip from Madonna.
  • 2:20 - 13:30  - Behind The Remix featurettes.
  • 13:30 - Madonna's Mashed Potatoes & Chill mix
  1. Careless Whisper I Want You (Marco Sartori Remix) - Madonna vs. George Michael. MRU
  2. Goodbye Alligator (Idaho's Remix) - Madonna vs. Owl City.
  3. Little Lucky Star (OKJames MadameX Remix) - Madonna. MRU
  4. Inside The Sweet Harmony (Sartori & Dubtronic Mashup) - Madonna vs. The Beloved. MRU
  5. Rescue The Queen (Rising Sun Remix) - Madonna. Rising Sun new Mtrance2 remixes (July 15), includes the Hollywood mashup featured in Madonna's Mashed Potatoes Reheated episode 8, available at
  6. The Look of Love is a Battlefield (KGM Sasha Mashup) - Madonna vs. Pat Benatar. MRU ***Exclusive Premier!***
  7. Looking for Mercy (Lukesavant vs. Zhu MadameX 2020 Rmx) - Madonna vs. Zhu. MRU
  8. Every Frozen Breath You Take (Dens54 to G Jumeo Remix) - Madonna vs. Sting
  9. Beautiful Scars (Skin Bruno Open Heart Remix) - Madonna
  10. Adventure of a Devil (DJ Seve Mashup) - Madonna vs. Coldplay
  11. Falling Free (BrandonUK vs Russ Chimes Mixshow Edit) - Madonna vs. Russ Chimes. MRU ***Exclusive Premier!***
  12. Careless Whisper I Want You (Reprise) [D'Lux DJ Broken Dub] - Madonna vs. George Michaelo

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Kerry Poynter

DubtronicProfile Photo


Switzerland based remixer/producer. Originally a co founder of Madonna Remixers United with Lukesavant and Donny, now moved on to be a independent Remixer and sometimes even a Drag Queen.

Marco SartoriProfile Photo

Marco Sartori

Italian based remixer/producer

(From I fell in love with music. When I was 11, I used to listen to the radio all day. My favourite singers of that period were Samantha Fox, Sandra, Duran Duran, Europe, and of course Madonna. I was fascinated by how music could be watched. I was addicted by videoclips and how artists made their art with videos.
I started going to the disco when I was 13. Initially on Sunday afternoons, and when I was 14 in the evenings. I stayed under the console watching the DJ's for hours. I wanted to become a DJ myself and little by little I started to do my own stuff. I knew the DJ of the club and he let me play my mixes the last 30 minutes before closing. By 16 I became a resident DJ in that club.
My remixes are the result of what I like about a song and what I would like to improve… Not always a dance version of a particular song. Madonna is my favourite artist but I don't always agree with her choice of music (musical arrangement, composition or instrumentation). So what I try to do in my remixes is to keep what I like and cut what I don't like. For example: in my opinion she uses the guitar too much in her albums... and guitar is not always cool. So almost always I cut her guitar in my remixes. I find it’s difficult to remix a song that I like completely, if it's flawless I don't have anything to improve and nothing to cut
I'm a quiet, not a social or public person. I don't like to go to the disco anymore. But sometimes with 1 or 2 "Spritz" (Italian alcoholic drinks) I can let loose and turn into what I am not...

Sasha LaryukovProfile Photo

Sasha Laryukov

Remixer/Second Life Virtual Reality Artist

Who I am? A virtual Madone in SecondLife. With my friends and dancers, we perform shows, "The Madonna Virtual History Tour", a tribute to the Queen of the Pop.
Most of our shows are to the benefits of charity organizations, as "Relay for Life", "Feed a Smile" (Live and Learn in Kenya), "Trevor's project" etc..
The Revolution of Love is on!

BrandonUKProfile Photo



Always been in a relationship with Music and enjoy any involvement in listening to, making or mixing, and that has been the case as long as I can remember. I Dont claim to be the best mixer in the world but love the process and have been more than a little excited by the reaction of mates and acquaintances. I initially started loading them up on the net as I was being asked to copy the music and give out discs etc. Just seemed much simpler this way. As I said I have always loved music and have written tracks working with great local producers over the years although I tend to just write lyrics these days. As far as Mixing goes I have a residency in my bedroom most weekends occasionally play in my kitchen and in talks about maybe getting my kit set up in my living room,. Joking aside, it is very much a hobby but still take it reasonably seriously.