Club Kerry NYC Podcast & The Official Podcast of Madonna Remixers United

Call for Madonna Mashups!

Madonna Remixers United and Kerry Poynter/The Official Podcast of Madonna Remixers United announce version 4 of the popular Madonna’s Mashed Potatoes mashups series.

  • Submission Deadline: Friday February 10, 2023.
  • Mini Video Preview Release Date: Friday February 16, 2023.
  • Official Release Date (Audio Version & Visualizer Video): Midnight, Monday February 27, 2023

The following songs are no longer available for this episode: Dress You Up, Vogue, Express Yourself, Like A Virgin, Physical Attraction, Jump, Keep It Together, Nothing Really Matters, Erotica, Borderline, and Justify My Love. Submissions for mashups already released and available are also most welcome!

Madonna's Mashed Potatoes 4 artworkAbout

Madonna’s Mashed Potatoes: The Series curates the hottest Madonna mashups and collects them into expertly DJ mixed DJ continuous episodes. Episodes 1-3 were all listed a “podcast worth a listen” on Player FM and charted in the top 100 on Apple Podcasts in countries around the world on every continent. Combined they have reached over 18,000 streams/downloads since June, 2022. Find out more at

Remixers submitting new mashups for consideration and exclusive premiere will be given priority and opportunity to share a brief “look behind the remix” response interview. This brief recorded response will appear in the episode and bring attention to their body of work. Embedded links to their work will also appear in perpetuity in the show notes and sent to all apps and streaming services worldwide. Each exclusive premiere mashup will also be used in video promos with the remixer/producer receiving a copy for their own use. All mashups appear in a visualizer beat sync video on YouTube and the podcast feed.

What is a Madonna Mashup?

Usually this will consist of a mix that contains madonna vocals and/or parts of the original production alongside and with the work of another artist or band. Some caution might be warranted for a production that is less Madonna and more another artist. This is a Madonna podcast mix after all. Ultimately, The executive producer and DJ, Kerry Poynter, will curate and choose the final track list, so the more "Madonna" in your mash the more likely you could make the final cut for the continuous DJ mix. Happy to respond to questions.

Submission Guidelines:

High quality, nothing less than 320MP3. Wav preferred. Demos are welcome and encouraged – constructive feedback provided upon request. We Transfer encouraged. Title all initial submissions with “Madonna Mashup” or “Submission for Madonna’s Mashed Potatoes”. 

Kerry Poynter, Facebook Messenger preferred,

Artwork by Nurmemagi Designs.