Club Kerry NYC Podcast & The Official Podcast of Madonna Remixers United

Madonna Remixers United

Club Kerry NYC is The Official Podcast of Madonna Remixers United.

As of March 24, 2022, and to coincide with Lukesavant’s Confessions release, has a new official podcast. ‘Club Kerry NYC’ is now the official podcast for Helmed by DJ Kerry Poynter, Club Kerry NYC ranks in the top 1% most popular shows out of 2,725,574 podcasts globally by ListenScore, iTunes Top 100 & Top 20 music podcast and one of the longest running vocal house dance music podcasts since 2009.  This partnership bridges the active Madonna remix listener with the giant social media presence of Madonna Remixers United, MRU for short. The #1 source for underground Madonna remixes and the top 1% podcast are united. The first official episode launches with two new remixes from Lukesavant including the rather appropriate, I Love New York, and a look back at remixes from the past ten years of MRU.

Available worldwide on your favorite player, find a list at (listing), or stream on the Madonna Remixers United web page at

About The Official Podcast Episodes

Two podcasts, one feed. Look for new podcasts labeled “The Official Podcast of Madonna Remixers United”. These new podcast mix episodes, mixed by Kerry, will coincide and promote their latest releases. Content will also include a featured remixer and interview, premieres of new remixes, and remixes from across the ten year history of MRU. You can submit remix requests, your remix, or be a guest DJ, write or send a message here at 

Long time listeners of Club Kerry NYC already know that Madonna remixes typically find a place in many of the 300+ episodes since 2009. Many of these remixes have naturally been by those in Madonna Remixers United. A good example is the more recent Madonna's Heartbreak Beats as well as the many Madonna tribute mixes. Look for updates and promos about MRU in the usual Club Kerry NYC episodes.

Behind The Remix

Each episode not only features a perfect beat mixed DJ continuous mix set, but also begins with a segment of quick answer featurettes from remixers about their remix. Questions are posed by Kerry Poynter and provide a genuine and sometimes personal peek into these talents, the production process and their artistry, and sometimes a personal look into their lives. A warm up for the mix coming up.

Madonna's Mashed Potatoes (The Series): The Hottest Madonna Mashups

banner image potatoes

Finally enough love for the hottest Madonna mashups. Curated, mixed, and available “for the very first time” in one place: Madonna’s Mashed Potatoes, a new multiple episode series. Each episode is a meticulously curated & perfectly mixed one hour+ DJ set that includes mashups from the past 40 years and world premieres destined to be classics. These mashups can also be individually streamed from the Madonna Remixers United web site: Madonna's Mashed Potatoes: Music from the Official Madonna Remixers United Podcast series.

The first Madonna’s Mashed Potatoes was a listener fan favorite and thus the idea for a series was born. The first three episodes charted in countries around the world, and were listed a “podcast worth a listen” on PlayerFM. New episode mixes will appear periodically as part of the Madonna Remixers United episodes. As of July 18, 2022, the series has three episodes (5, 7, & 8) plus full beat synced visualizers for 7, and 8. Learn more about episode 7 (Chill) and episode 8 (Reheated).

Episode 8: Madonna's Mashed Potatoes Reheated (Visualizer for Handheld Devices). HD version on YouTube.

What is a Madonna mashup?

Typically this will consist of mix that contains Madonna vocals and/or parts of the original production alongside and with the work of another artist or band. However, this could also be three or more songs, include samples or various pieces of multiple songs, or two or more Madonna songs mashed as one. 

Have a mashup to submit for the next episode? Let us know. Original mashups as exclusive premieres receive automatic priority and the remixer featured in the "Behind the Remix" interview section of the episode. Original mashups are promoted widely.

Sasha Laryukov submitted an original mashup of Madonna and Pat Benatar, The Look of Love is a Battlefield. Here is the promo video for episode 7, Madonna's Mashed Potatoes & Chill. View the full music video on her YouTube.


Awards & Rankings:

  • The first Madonna’s Mashed Potatoes was a fan favorite, charted in countries around the world, and a “podcast worth a listen” on PlayerFM.
  • Episodes 1-10 have consistently appeared in the top iTunes & music podcast charts in multiple countries on every continent.
  • Countries charted: UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, India, Russia, Poland, Brazil, Ukraine, South Africa, Malta, Japan, China, Mexico, United Arab Emerates.
  • Listed a “podcast worth a listen” on PlayerFM 21 weeks in a row since debuting on March 25, 2022.

Selected Reviews for the Original “Madonna’s Mashed Potatoes”, released 5/25/22:

Loved the new mixes by NEPH*EW and Lukesavant. I’ve not always been a fan of mashups (Madonna’s Mashed Potatoes) but the opening number of Music and Disco Inferno was brilliant and had me hooked. Love it." - Steve C., 5/26/22

“I really liked the remixers taking time to talk at the beginning of the broadcast (Madonna’s Mashed Potatoes). Loved the brand new mixes made especially for this from Lukesavant and NEPH.EW! Absolute class! In addition, it's always nice to hear DJ Kerry talking and real fun hearing "M" pop into the studio too." - Mary H. C., 5/26/22

Any fan of DJ Kerry John Poynter’s is most likely a fan of Madonna!! The Queen is an artist like no other, and remixing perfection is a big undertaking. As one of the Madame’s biggest fans, DJ Kerry’s Madonna tribute mixes are masterfully done and a joy to listen to! The fact that he shares them readily, for free, without ads is a gift to all who love great music!! Thank you DJ Kerry, and long live the Queen!! ❤️” - Rob C., 3/25/22