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Part 3: Summer Groove Experiment (3 of 4) (Vocal House, Dance) - DJ Kerry John Poynter

Inspiring Your Electronic Dance Music Scene!

Four weeks every Friday in August with the freshest and hottest vocal grooves to sizzle your senses. Make sure to place Parts 1-4 in order for a 2 hour mix set.

  • Part 1: Uplifting House, Electro, and Trance
  • Part 2: Electro & Trance
  • Part 3: Trance
  • Part 4: Uplifting House

Track List Part 3 (33:07):

1.    This Moment (Progressive Mix) - Nic Chagall: Nic is one half of the popular German trance duo Cosmic Gate. This tune deserves to be heard more often. Great emotional trance the way it should be.

2.    In Love With You (Original Club Mix) – Atrium: House music producers Steve Mac and Paul Harris crank out an infectious tune. TJ’s vocals also inject warmth while the “I’m in love with you” line gets stuck in your head. Five out of five stars!

3.    Nemur (Walls Of Guitars Extended Version) - Dusty Kid: Paolo Alberto Lodde, ‘Dusty Kid’, hails from Sardinia and is a classically trained musician turned techno producer who swears ze is a girl trapped in a man’s body. This excellent track is from ze’s debut album A Raver’s Diary.

4.    Always The Sun (Extended Mix) - Richard Durand: The emotional trance continues with a beautiful tune from tech trance dj/producer Richard Durand. “Always the sun, like a wailing wall, give me hope, show some meaning.”

5.    Deep Breath Contact (Myon & Shane 54 Collision) - Motorcycle vs. Glenn Morrison: Fave trance producers Myon & Shane 54 mash up the vocals from the Motorcycle tune Deep Breath Love with Glenn Morrison’s tune Contact. The result is magic.

6.    For How Long (Wippenberg Remix) – Riva: Riva is back after a five year hiatus with a stomper of a mix by Wippenburg.

7.    No Way Home (Extended Mix) - Richard Durand: So Richard appears twice on this mix. I couldn’t help it. “I hear your call. My lips won’t move.”

Thanks for listening!

Kerry Poynter