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Part 4: Summer Groove Experiment (4 of 4) (Vocal House, Dance) - DJ Kerry John Poynter

Inspiring Your Electronic Dance Music Scene!

Four weeks every Friday in August with the freshest and hottest vocal grooves to sizzle your senses. Make sure to place 1-4 in order for a two hour mix set.

Part 1: Uplifting House, Electro, and Trance

Part 2: Electro & Trance

Part 3: Trance

Part 4: Uplifting House

    Track List Part 4 (32:02)

1.   Piano in the Dark (7th Heaven Club Mix) – Shanie:

The former U.S. top ten hit by Brenda Russell is remade by Shanie with a fun house mix by 80’s group turned remixers 7th Heaven. “He holds me close like a thief of the heart, He plays a melody, Born to tear me all apart.”

2.    Paranoid (Dave Aude Club Mix) – Jonas Brothers:

Oh my, so I never thought I would own or like a Jonas Bros. tune. It’s all about the Dave Aude remix. It’s fun. It’s the tune I hate to love. Just give into it.

3.    Smash Into You (Flash Brothers Remix) – Beyonce:

Everyone was into the Halo remixes. But I rather enjoyed what the Flash Brothers did to what was a mediocre Beyonce song (IMHO). I’m willing to run too, Beyonce, while I listen to this tune!

4.    Forgiveness (Digital Dog Remix) - Wamdue Project featuring Jonathan Mendelsohn: I love dj/producer duo Digital Dog! I also love their new mix of my recent fave tune by Wamdue Project (See my previous set called Forgiveness). Put the two together and it's a match made in heaven. THANK YOU!

5     Love Comes (Riff & Rays Club Mix) – Bananarama:

Another 80’s connection. Riff & Rays creates a piano house stomper while Bananarama tries to relive it’s former glory. They may not succeed but this remix is fun.

6.    Confusion Girl (Riff & Rays Club Mix) – Frankmusic:

Brit producer/vocalist Vincent Frank has a new album. Riff & Rays once again turn up the beat to fun. “Confusion girl never gives or takes, Tries to cover up all of her mistakes, Wanting to be someone else, Anything but herself, …It’s such a shame.”

7.    Gone (Extended Mix) – Lasgo:

Gone are the days of the great Lasgo tunes. But ‘Gone’ may herald a return as this electro house beat portends. “Oops, you're gone. Just play your games with someone else.”

Place parts 1 – 4 in order in your iTunes for a continuous two hour mixed set. Look for an outstanding new one hour mix set, Electronic Love, next week.

Thanks for listening!

Kerry Poynter