CLUB KERRY NYC: Vocal House & Electronic

Yes, If You Want Retro

Club Kerry NYC is a solid podcast that publishes regularly. If you subscribe to a lot of music podcasts, you know that finding a consistent producer can be a challenge. Kerry Poynter puts out a podcast weekly so you will have something to download and play. Club Kerry NYC also maintains consistent technical quality with even sound levels and good mixing skills.

If you only want the latests bands and music, you will probably want a different podcast. If you want new music tempered with older hits, you might just love Club Kerry NYC. If you're in the 30-something to 40-something age range, you will recognize music in the podcast. You'll also recognize the style: a very 80s influence.

I want new music and although I loved the 80s, I've grown beyond. I like big beats and I find that sometimes Club Kerry is not strong enough. I also typically find that I will love one episode (Freemasons Part I) and be a little disappointed by the next couple (Freemasons, Part II). Although the technical quality is always good, I'd say that I actually like only about two-thirds of the episodes. Your experience may vary, especially if you still want an 80s feel.

Nov. 17, 2010 by Litarider on Apple Podcasts

CLUB KERRY NYC: Vocal House & Electronic