Welcome to Club Kerry NYC: Vocal House & Electronic podcast


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Great mixes!

Thank you! :)

Best beats around!

I listen to all of these mixes over and over again. They've got the best, newest vocal dance and electronic music, nonstop!

Consistently the Best Vocal House Podcast

I'm a huge fan of beautiful vocal house music and there really is no better podcast than this one, good mix of uplifting, sentimental, party, passionate, fun tunes. i fear the day new podcasts are no longer created by club kerry.

Lyrically lovely

My thighs are grateful and my treadmill's wearing out listening to these incredible mixes. Awesome!

Sick Tiesto Tribute

I can't even express how much I love all of your podcasts let alone the Tiesto tribute! Keep them coming, pleeease! You rock!!!

Amazing Mixes

Club Kerry is one of my favorite podcasts. Every podcast is filled with great new uplifting house and progressive tracks from so many artists. Kerry does an awesome job of blending track after track making it a very smooth mix. This is the best vocal house mix out, download now!!!!!

Best ever

Only music I listen to. You are the bomb señor.


I have found some the the best music on this podcast. I listen to retro fusion 2 everyday and when I'm in the gym. Just great music and it's free. Thanks Club Terry! You are the best!!!!!!


Gives me exactly what I'm looking for every time I put on a mix. Great for parties when people rely on you for music. Just slap it on and let it go. Can't find one that I don't like.

Yes, If You Want Retro

Club Kerry NYC is a solid podcast that publishes regularly. If you subscribe to a lot of music podcasts, you know that finding a consistent producer can be a challenge. Kerry Poynter puts out a podcast weekly so you will have something to download and play. Club Kerry NYC also maintains consistent technical quality with even sound levels and good mixing skills. If you only want the latests bands and music, you will probably want a different podcast. If you want new music tempered with older hits, you might just love Club Kerry NYC. If you're in the 30-something to 40-something age range, you will recognize music in the podcast. You'll also recognize the style: a very 80s influence. I want new music and although I loved the 80s, I've grown beyond. I like big beats and I find that sometimes Club Kerry is not strong enough. I also typically find that I will love one episode (Freemasons Part I) and be a little disappointed by the next couple (Freemasons, Part II). Although the technical quality is always good, I'd say that I actually like only about two-thirds of the episodes. Your experience may vary, especially if you still want an 80s feel.


Love! Love! Love!

nicely done

what can i say? a perfect mix every time.... i guess that sums it up. i can listen to every podcast without wanting to skip a song.... i think i am in love

Hot Mixes

Keep em' coming. I loved "Electronic Love".

The soundtrack of my commute

I look forward to every new episode of the Club Kerry NYC podcast! The mixes are consistently interesting, and I have discovered quite a few new songs by listening. They provide a great soundtrack for my Metro commute and those times at work when when I just want to drown out the office noise. Definitely check this out!

Perfect blend of future and retro dance

As dance music evolves and commercial hip-hop fades into history along with the rest of the Bush Era, Club Kerry helps blaze the trail of what the future of dance should be. Infectious grooves and familiar melodies are interweaved with the newest sounds and modern beats; the result is sure to find a place on your iPod that you'll return to again and again - whether you are getting into the mood for the dance club, working out at the health club or just sitting around the kitchen table making a club sandwich. The fact that this is free is amazing.

Club Kerry NYC is the best

This is a great podcast. I always listen to it while I am getting ready to go out. It puts me in the mood and the groove.

this is some great stuff

Enjoyed this so much, great flow. You have a tremendous way of putting some terrific tunes together