Club Kerry NYC Podcast & The Official Podcast of Madonna Remixers United

Supernova Explosion

Inspiring Your Electronic Dance Music Scene

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"I'm higher than a supernova." "This storm wont pull me in."

A galactic double DJ set: "Supernova Explosion" and it's companion, "Supernova Remnant". Same tracks but different remixes with 'Remnant' being more progressive. A pulsating binary of electromagnetic dance music. Enjoy!


Recent Fan Reviews:

  • "Wow f*cking just Wow! I am so happy I found your podcast. I extreme commute across anchorage on my snow bike and need soul fuel like this to keep me spinning and smiling." - Myke Skrolley
  • "I have not stopped listening to to MDNA is God since I downloaded it last week. Awesome mix! Thanks so much!!" - Eddie Valdivia
  • "What can I say? A perfect mix every time. I guess that sums it up. I can listen to every podcast without skipping a song. I think I am in love!" - Nemi's Nemi
  • "I have been so busy and stressed and you just hit it with MDNA (is God!) onward. Omg. You saved February. Love and peace." - Joey

Track List (52:44)

Beam Me Up (Kill Mode) (Original Mix) - Cazzette. "Higher than a supernova!" ***DJ Fave!***

Walk On Water (Original Mix) - TyDi, Maison & Dragen feat. Toni Nielson. "You're locked out in the cold again, Cause you've used up all my trust, Can't find what you're here looking for, Got my windows boarded up, You can't throw this away, Keep coming back around, back around, You're still burning all our bridges, Now there's no way back to you, Do you think I walk on water?"

Taken Over (Club Edit) - Rebecca & Fiona feat. Style Of Eye. "Now you undress my mind to see my heart is taking over."

Summertime (DubVision Remix) - Royaal, Venuto feat. Aj Smith. "I want summertime back."

Out The Water (Original Mix) - Fabio Lendrum ***DJ Fave!*** THIS is uplifting spiritual EDM. LUV. "I never felt like this before and I think its time to swim to shore, I’m gonna get my head out the water, tonight we turn the shadows into light, I ain't dancing in the dark tonight, If I only can carry the water, We can take it anywhere tonight, I close my eyes and kiss the ground, The time is now, I found my strength within, This storm wont pull me in."

Nothing Inside (Original Mix) - Sander Van Doorn feat. Mayaeni. Been listening to this tune off and on for some time. Finally found a place for it in this set. Just amazing. "Maybe we've run out of time, driving ourselves out of our minds, Maybe we`re missing the signs, All of our dreams making us blind, Baby we're leaving behind, Nothing to see nothing inside, We're out of our minds with nothing inside."

Waiting for the Night (Extended Version) - Armin van Buuren feat. Fiora. "Shoot me down and I get up again, Emotions running high without a meaning, Just another day to keep it coming, I can’t find a way to fight this shadow dreaming, We’re always waiting for the night."

Take Over My Soul (Michael Cassette Remix) - Ninesh Babu, Aji Mon Nair, Jon Matisse Carter. ***DJ Fave!*** Everything Michael Cassette touches seems turns to EDM gold. "I got that sinking feeling taking over my soul. I'm going down down down... I feel that sinking feeling is creeping again... all over again." Let this tune find a place in your soul after a few listens... cause it will. Just relax and let it!

Masterpiece (DJ Yonce Remix) - Madonna. MDNA is God! "If you were the Mona Lisa, You'd be hanging in the Louvre, Everyone would come to see you, You'd be impossible to move, ... I stand in front of a masterpiece, And I can't tell you why It hurts so much, To be in love with the masterpiece."

Army (Club Mix) - Sultan & Ned Shepard & NERVO feat. Omarion. "Ready for war, It's one for all. I'll be your army. If you want to win, There is now way I'll give in. Ready for war... I'll be your army.

Carried Away (Tiësto Remix) - Passion Pit. Tiesto is God! "Ah, A European, once again with feelin', Higher education making sense, Justify your thesis, certain that you need this, Tell me what your point is in defense, ... I get carried away, carried away from you, And I'm open and I'm playing, Cause I'm sorry, sorry 'bout that, Sorry 'bout things that I've said, Always let it get to my head."

Cool Without You (Audien Remix) - Tommie Sunshine & Disco Fries feat. Kid Sister. "I know you used to love me. Hug me. Rub me..."

Thanks for listening!

Kerry Poynter