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The Official Podcast of Madonna Remixers United - Episode 3 ft. ARIHLIS - Mix by Kerry Poynter

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Episode 3. Featured remixer A.R.I.H.L.I.S. An interview plus my mix with new music from Dubtronic, ODM, NEPH*EW, Lukesavant, and your requests. Free: This episode listed by Player FM (April 29, 2022) as a popular “Podcasts Worth A Listen two days after release!

Download "Who Needs The Sky" new remixes by Arihlis on May 1 at

Arihlis artwork
Artwork by Nurmemägi Designs.

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Episode 3 Track List (53:53):

1 minute mark: A.R.I.H.L.I.S. Interview with Sanctuary (Arihlis 2022 Remix preview).
5:45 mark: continuous DJ mix by Kerry Poynter.

  1. Papa Don’t Preach (Arihlis Remix 2022) preview edit - Madonna. From the new 2022 Arihilis release Who Needs The Sky available at
  2. Dub Profusion/Love Profusion (ODM Dubstramental) - Madonna
  3. Cuidado Con Mi Corazon (Sebissimo Home Remix 2018) - Madonna
  4. Bedtime Story (Arihlis Remix) - Madonna
  5. Justify My Love (NEPH*EW The Girl in the Fog Remix) - Madonna
  6. Secret (Dubtronic Coming Over Remix) - Madonna
  7. Holy Water (Lukesavant Bless Yourself 2022 Remix) - Madonna. Don’t miss the Lukesavant interview in the latest issue of Instinct Magazine. Also, listen to the full 18 minute unedited interview with Kerry available on YouTube. The edited 8 minute version appears in Episode 2 of this podcast.
  8. Come Alive (Arihlis ATM Club Remix) [Kerry’s Batukadeiras Vocal Chorus Edit] - Madonna. This remix is unique in that Arihilis sampled pieces of a mini documentary interview Madonna released upon the release of MadameX. An addition of the live chorus sample I borrowed from the MadameX show and this Arihlis remix soars!
  9. Ray of Light 2.0 (Thyago Bargmann 17th Anniversary Remix 2015) - Madonna
  10. Into The Groove (TAJ x Freemasons Bootleg Mixshow) - Madonna
  11. I Don’t Search I Find (Arihlis Remix) - Madonna
  12. Buenos Aires (Arihlis ATM Remix) - Madonna
  13. Okay I’m Done - Madonna’s Episode 3 Closing Laughter


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