Club Kerry NYC Podcast & The Official Podcast of Madonna Remixers United

The Official Podcast of Madonna Remixers United Episode 4 ft. Skin Bruno - Mix by Kerry Poynter

Vocal House DJ Mix

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Episode 4. Free: Featured remixer and interview with Skin Bruno (his MLVC Live & Remixed Tour is available May 7 at DJ continuous mix featuring new remixes from Dubtronic and Skin Bruno, your requests, and some remix gems from the past from NEPH*EW, Taj, & ODM (formerly D'Luxe DJ), and more. Madonna herself ends the episode with something very neat.

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Bonus Visualizer Video by Nurmemagi Designs.

"The undiscovered brilliance... DJ Kerry is magic!" (App Review). Ranked in the top 1% most popular podcasts globally by Listen Notes. "Awesomesauce" featured Tunr app. "Global Reach" top 20 music podcast. "Stylistically superior. The best vocal house podcast on the net" (iTunes Review). "Top Electronic Podcast" category on Player FM. Celebrating 13 years: 2009-2022.

Track List (64:41):

  • 1:00 Minute:  Skin Bruno Interview - includes "I Rise" (Skin Bruno 2022 Remix) from MLVC Live & Remixed Tour available May 7 at
  • 7:00 Minutes: DJ Mix

1. Nothing Really Matters (Skin Bruno 2022 Live & Remixed Tour) - Madonna

2. Hollywood (Dubtronic Trip The Station Remix) - Madonna

3. God Control (Skin Bruno 80's Remix) - Madonna

4. Lucky Star (Moustache Machine Remix) - Madonna

5. Vogue (Liam Pfeifer Future Funk Remix) - Madonna

6. Miles Away (NEPH*EW's Amazon Remix) - Madonna

7. Physical Attraction (D'Luxe DJ IWY Remix) - Madonna

8. Set Your Broken Body Free - Madonna vs. LoverushUK!

9. Beautiful Stranger (Prebanda Remix) - Madonna

10. La Isla Bonita (Dirty Disco Classic Rework) - Madonna

11. Addicted (Taj's Bigroom Bounce Remix) - Madonna

12. Express Yourself (Corazon Remix by Skin Bruno) - Madonna


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Kerry Poynter

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Skin Bruno


Italian based remixer/producer. Remixer with Madonna Remixers United. Biography at SoundCloud