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Defray my monthly costs!

My podcast has never been about making money or getting rich. It's always been about the music and promoting the remixes, DJ's, musicians, and artists. Back in January 2009 it started just as a vehicle to share my mixes with a medium I thought was going to be unavailable since it was not very successful. All these years later and almost 350 mix episodes, this not so little hobby keeps on going. Ranking in the top 1% of all podcasts - globally popular! (via Listen Notes). The top 100 music podcast charts every week of the day on every continent. (Find more accolades on my About page.). Lately I have partnered with the talented international conglomerate Madonna Remixers United which in itself is a level of respect and honor.

I am not a super star DJ. My professional life is something quite different and at the moment I'm a doctoral student and unemployed. My costs on a monthly basis are at least $200 or more for hosting the feed, running the web site, cloud fees for storage, dj pools, donating to artists/remixers that need it if I use their music, purchasing high quality sound files for producing the mixes. Sometimes I'll run an ad on social media for yearly anniversaries or something special. I desperately need to upgrade my equipment and computer!

I'll make sure any donation goes directly to defraying my costs and will send you a personal email with an exclusive mix gift attached. I'll also mix your song request in an upcoming episode. Do not be surprised if you hear your name when I dedicate the next mix.

Thank you for listening.

Kerry Poynter

Paypal: clubkerry@gmail.com

Venmo: @Kerry-Poynter