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You totally get me…I feel like you’re talking to me with every mix making my soul come alive! The best mixes, I appreciate you so much!

Your latest podcast blew me away (Malibu Summer Beats)

Hi DJ Kerry John Poynter, I been wanting to send you a message for many years now, I don’t know why I never did and I truly apologize for not doing this sooner… I wanted to say an absolutely huge and heartfelt THANK YOU from the deepest parts of my music loving soul. Your latest podcast blew me away, most of them do but for some reason this one (Malibu Summer) just got me, it reminded me of my 20s clubbing in London, those times are special, precious, and now memories of the past. Thank you for doing what you do. Again I’m sorry I didn’t do this sooner. People don’t tell others how much they appreciate them in todays world, I don’t know if they ever did, but I wanted you to know how much you and your podcast give to my life. Best regards, Paul Howell Creator of "The Sling Method" (via email)

Changed My Life.

Hello! I sent a $ donation. I absolutely love your mixes. I'm super picky about my DJ's and when I find someone I like I listen to them forever. From the depths of my soul, I am grateful for your music. It has helped me with my professional work and has helped me relax. You provide a vitale service that has changed my life and has helped me push that forward. My donation is the least I could do for someone as talented as you. Keep doing Buddha's work! You rock! I look forward to the special Madonna remix! It's so hard to find mixes that balance art and style with songs of my youth through the music of today. I've been listening to EDM since the mid-80's. Like I said before, you have a very special talent, even among other DJ's, my heart and soul sing when I hear you fruitions. Be well and happy holidays! Tons of Hugs and Gratitude as well!!! :) Rob Cramer

Awesome DJ! Remixers that make up... Madonna Remixers United... are way cool.

Awesome DJ but what is most cool about him is his love & support of Madonna & her music. Thank you DJ Kerry! I have followed & loved & supported & been excited about & wanting more of Madonna since her debut in the early 80s. I love her just as much today as I did then if not more. The remixers that make up this new Madonna (Remixers United) podcast are way cool because they love & support Madonna & they enjoy remixing her music & they give it to us free to enjoy when ever we want. They do it out of pure love & ask nothing in return. & they aren’t just stuck on a certain time only, they support her music from her early days til now. I love listening & anticipating what the next Madonna track the mix will go into. Thank you for all you do! I hope it continues.

Great mixes!. CLUB KERRY NYC: Vocal House & Electronic

Always love listening to Club Kerry NYC!! Great mixes!

This is Club KERRY NYC at his best. (Finally Enough Love: MRU Remixers Select. Episode 9)

Yay! Love it! (Finally Enough Love) Club KERRY NYC gives good Mix! The podcast gives fans a "behind the scenes listen" to the choosing and mixing process by some of the great remixers on this mix. After which, we get 80-minutes of remixed Iconic Madonna songs not included in the original retail pressings. This is Club KERRY NYC at his best.

Excellent (Alien Life)

The Visualizer is very cool, excellent selection of songs!

Go to beats for all occasions. I love this guy.

I've been listening to this dude for over a decade and he always delivers the best of the best. He introduced me to Dua Lipa maybe two years before she became super famous. I love this guy. The most sentiment in (Kerry Poynter) Club Kerry NYC. - Crawdiddytaters (posted on Apple App Store - Club Kerry NYC app)

ABSOLUTELY love listening... Madonna!

I ABSOLUTELY love listening to your podcasts of Madonna! (via Google Play)

Super love your mixes!

Super love your mixes! Have been following u for the past couple of years since I discovered u. Will u be doing a Pride mix this year?? I keep checking. Thanks, Yvonne Santiuste (via Email)

Absolute class!

I really liked the remixers taking time to talk at the beginning of the broadcast (Madonna’s Mashed Potatoes). Loved the brand new mixes made especially for this from Lukesavant and NEPH.EW! Absolute class! In addition, it's always nice to hear DJ Kerry talking and real fun hearing "M" pop into the studio too." - Mary H. C., 5/26/22

Brilliant and had me hooked

“Loved the new mixes by NEPH*EW and Lukesavant. I’ve not always been a fan of mashups (Madonna’s Mashed Potatoes) but the opening number of Music and Disco Inferno was brilliant and had me hooked. Love it." - Steve C., 5/26/22

Soul Uplifting

I recently rediscovered this podcast and it is keeping my spirits very much lifted whilst I recover from recent surgery. I just want to dance all day (although might have to wait a while for that)! Thank you so much for the uplifting mixes, the amazing variety of songs and for just being pretty... - Josie:D (Great Britain)

Great music.

Que buena música, un placer haberte conocido gracias a los chicos de Madonna Remixes United. What great music, a pleasure to have met you thanks to the guys from Madonna Remixes United. - Daniel V., from Argentina. April 24, 2022.

Electronic Heart 4 is the absolute best I’ve heard!

I have been a huge fan of your work and have enjoyed your output for many years. I love where vocal trance can take people and the last episode you put out there (Electronic Heart 4) is the absolute best I’ve heard. Keep doing what you do, it’s just amazing! I’d be happy to Venmo you a little money to keep your operation running, please keep going and the vocal trance output especially :) All the best from a big fan. Marcelo C., - April 24 2022

Club Kerry NYC - The Soundtrack of my 20s

I've been listening to Club Kerry NYC since day 1, and I still find myself going back to some of the earlier episodes to relive them. Kerry is absolutely brilliant with his seamless transitions between tracks in his mixes. The podcasts he creates ebb and flow creating an amazing vibe that is great for dancing (obviously), but also everything from workouts and road trips, to work and everything in between. My favorite time to listen is when I'm out training for my next cycling race, and so I find myself listening to CKNYC nearly every day. Even after 13 years I'm still obsessed.

Long live the Queen!!!

Any fan of DJ Kerry John Poynter’ s, is most likely a fan of Madonna!! The Queen is an artist like no other, and remixing perfection is a big undertaking. As one of the Madame’s biggest fans, DJ Kerry’s Madonna tribute mixes are masterfully done and joy to listen to! The fact that he shares them readily, for free, without ads is a gift to all who love great music!! Thank you DJ Kerry, and long live the Queen!! ❤️

Fantastic. (Retro Fusion 16)

Fantastic mix Kerry. It’s good for my ears and soul!!

Sass & Dance is Me!

I loved Heartbreak (Madonna's Heartbreak Beats)! But Sass and Dance is me all day long!! What a mix! You are amazing and you make life sound great!!"

Amazing work (Madonna's Heartbreak Beats)

Amazing work with just the right amount of everything. Schitt gets real @ 12:12. If Madonna is💪🏻God, then you Kerry❤️‍🔥Poynter are the😈Devil in her Details.

Electronic Heart 3

Sensational!!!! Thanks for the great mix! Kerry, you are a master DJ, no one has such good talent for variety of styles and sounds! I love how you mix it up and cater for so many varieties in personal tastes. Job well done Sir!


Awesome…just awesome stuff, I love the mixes, the tracks, the remixes, can’t speak highly enough of your work! 👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏

Pride Soundtrack

Will be listening to this all day today at SF Pride. Happy, rich music.


Those sets are awesome! Thanks for Make my day more joyful!


You can stop searching now - literally the best electro dance vocal. Stylish background music to your life . Love Avicci is god, can’t find this Latin ‘___ vs ___’ I played last week by Kerry, it was Spanish vocal AMAZING.




Love this, thank you so much for the mixes! 😄😄😄

I always look forward to a new mix.

I always look forward to new episodes. These really brighten my day.


sounds of Club Kerry's get better with each new replay. smooth , dance sounds thank you BY FAR the best podcast .