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CLUB KERRY NYC: Vocal House & Electronic

CLUB KERRY NYC: Vocal House & Electronic

Each one hour episode features a perfectly beat mixed DJ set. Ranked one of the top 1% most popular shows globally by Listen Score. "Stylistically superior! Simply the best vocal house podcast on the net" (iTunes Review). The official podcast of Madonna Remixers United.

“Full of "infectious grooves and familiar melodies inter weaved with the newest sounds and modern beats." If you like electronic and dance music particularly with vocals then this podcast is for you. Take it to the gym, the dance floor, or your favorite party. Get all 300+ DJ sets since 2009 on the free app for iOS or Android or your favorite podcast or music streaming app.

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Goddess Control: The 2nd Coming (Visualizer Ad)

June 19, 2022

2nd Anniversary Madonna Megamix

The F_cking Hottest of 2022 (so far)

June 3, 2022

17 tracks 70 minutes of many of my fave tracks from my podcast from January - May 2022. Free: . The official podcast of . "The undiscovered brilliance... DJ Kerry is magic!" (App Review). Ranked in the top 1% most popular po…

Ad for Visualizer Madonna's Mashed Potatoes on YouTube

May 30, 2022

Visualizer beat synced video! New mix edit! On Episode 5: Madonna's Mashed Potatoes. Premieres May 31. Finally enough love for the hottest Madonna mashups in one mix for the first time ever! Full one hour mix for free: . Rev…

Ferrari Drive (Vocal House, Progressive House, Deep House, DJ Set))

May 14, 2022

Ferrari Drive. Free . Visualizer on YouTube . . ProgressiveHouse #VocalHouse Listen on the : - - for extra content and episodes! The official podcast of . "The undiscovered brilliance... DJ Kerry is magic!" (App Review…

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The Retro Fusion Series

It wouldn't be a Club Kerry NYC podcast dj mix without at least one retro melody, with a contemporary house beat, that suddenly pops into the mix. Every …

Madonna Is God! DJ Tribute Series

I'm an unapologetic fan of The Queen. She appears often in my mixes for good reason. Nobody else comes close to 50 number one Billboard dance chart hits.…

Thoughts on 13 years of Club Kerry NYC

On this date 13 years ago the magic debuted. Club Kerry NYC was born on a whim, for fun, to share my mixes with friends scattered around the world, on …