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The Future Love (DJ Mix, Vocal House, Progressive House, Melodic House)

Full of fresh beats in 2023, this is The Future Love.

Full of fresh beats in 2023, this is The Future Love. Listen on the Club Kerry NYC free app: iOS - Android - Premium Subscribe for extra content and episodes! Free & choose your player: Visualizer available on YouTube.

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Track List (57:310):

Intro with Behind The Remix Preview (00:45)

    1. Satin Jackets & Panama - The Future
    2. Justify My Love Stayin Alive (Kerry John Poynter NYC Pride Mashup) - Madonna vs. The Bee Gees
    3. Santé, Re.You, Biishop, Avidus - Road To Nowhere (Avidus Remix) 
    4. Madonna  - Back That Up To The Beat (Dubtronic & Sartori Remix). Listen on Dubtronic Remix YouTube or Marco Sartori YouTube.
    5. Chicane feat. The Mannequin - All This Time Alone (Extended Mix)
    6. Felkee - On Me
    7. Alive (KREAM Remix) [feat. The Moth & The Flame]
    8. Fideles - Night After Night feat. Be No Rain (CamelPhat Remix)
    9. Lisbona Sisters, Manics & Elodie ReÌverie - Beaming Brighter (Original Mix)
    10. Miss Rodriguez - Stay (Extended Mix)
    11. ABBA - Lay All Your Love On Me (Cosmic Dawn 2023 Bootleg Remix)
    12. DJ Tenzen ft. KMRS - Overdose. Listen on DJ Tenzen YouTube.
    13. Behind The Remix with Dubtronic, Marco Sartori, & DJ Tenzen. (55:30-57:30)

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Kerry Poynter

DJ TenzenProfile Photo

DJ Tenzen

Music Producer

DJ TENZEN is a Baltimore based music producer known for his atmospheric remixes and moody original tracks.

Marco SartoriProfile Photo

Marco Sartori

Italian based remixer/producer

(From I fell in love with music. When I was 11, I used to listen to the radio all day. My favourite singers of that period were Samantha Fox, Sandra, Duran Duran, Europe, and of course Madonna. I was fascinated by how music could be watched. I was addicted by videoclips and how artists made their art with videos.
I started going to the disco when I was 13. Initially on Sunday afternoons, and when I was 14 in the evenings. I stayed under the console watching the DJ's for hours. I wanted to become a DJ myself and little by little I started to do my own stuff. I knew the DJ of the club and he let me play my mixes the last 30 minutes before closing. By 16 I became a resident DJ in that club.
My remixes are the result of what I like about a song and what I would like to improve… Not always a dance version of a particular song. Madonna is my favourite artist but I don't always agree with her choice of music (musical arrangement, composition or instrumentation). So what I try to do in my remixes is to keep what I like and cut what I don't like. For example: in my opinion she uses the guitar too much in her albums... and guitar is not always cool. So almost always I cut her guitar in my remixes. I find it’s difficult to remix a song that I like completely, if it's flawless I don't have anything to improve and nothing to cut
I'm a quiet, not a social or public person. I don't like to go to the disco anymore. But sometimes with 1 or 2 "Spritz" (Italian alcoholic drinks) I can let loose and turn into what I am not...

DubtronicProfile Photo


Switzerland based remixer/producer. Originally a co founder of Madonna Remixers United with Lukesavant and Donny, now moved on to be a independent Remixer and sometimes even a Drag Queen.