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Dreamwave (Vocal House, Dance) - DJ Kerry John Poynter

Inspiring Your Electronic Dance Music Scene.

Dreamy sparkly shimmery nu-disco pseudo 80's blissful electronic pop loveliness. How else do you explain this sound? Enjoy!

*** = DJ Favorites

Track List (57:29):

  1. Love Part II - Bright Light Bright Light: is singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Rod Thomas. Rod says the tune is about “just when you’ve convinced yourself that it’s a waste of time trying to find a relationship, then you have a moment that spins you right back round and makes you feel it’s possible again. Something will always come along to spark your mind.” *** DJ Favorite! ***
  2. Where Are You Now (Fear of Tigers Remix) - Queen of Hearts: "True love does grow. I just live in hope." Fear of Tigers rules!!
  3. Lost Without You - Vanbot: "You've been a stranger, And I will hide away the things that hurt, I close my eyes and maybe wounds will heal, Cause I never knew (I'm lost without you)." *** DJ Favorite! ***
  4. Freestyle (Diamond Cut Remix) - Queen of Hearts: Who is this Queen of Hearts? I'm looking forward to more. "Let me freestyle, baby! Dreaming..." Of course anything Diamond Cut creates is gold.
  5. Pick Up The Phone (Arithmatix! Remix) - Dragonette: "Congratulations I'm having visions of us, Breaking everything on our way outta town, Were going places you've never dreamed of."
  6. DJ (Madeon Remix) - Alphabeat: "Give me something I can dance to... Spin my world like a record now."
  7. Sleepwalker's Curse (The Sanfernando Sound remix) - She's The Queen: "You caught me walking in my sleepwalking." Dark lyrics and an electronic beat. Perfect!
  8. Body Moves - Van Go Lion: "Move in closely, spin satellite, can you feel it getting stronger? stars built to shine like golden on blue, ... Break this fever, show me moves made of sweat and a bassline, the light hits, the beat commits, the stars shine, ... sparkles stick to me like glue – when your body moves. Love is a dancefloor take a stand on your own tonight, ready to move at your command, love can make it right!"
  9. Watch The World Go By (Skatebård Extended Remix) - Johan Agebjörn & Le Prix feat. Lake Heartbeat: *** DJ Favorite! *** "And if you want to we can disappear into the darkness, we can float into the light, you can tell me what you want to start a revolution or just waste a little time, I never wanted to be special I just wanted someone that was special to be mine."
  10. Waiting Game (EP Version) - She's The Queen: "I have been trying to stay strong... I need to feel something from you. Oh you know where I go inside my dreams, You know it ain't as good as it may seem."
  11. Give Me What You Got (Diamond Cut Remix) - Radio Ink: "No time for shy, you want as much as I do.Give me what you got, baby. It's dark, let's play with the lights out."
  12. I Won't Let Go - Monarchy: "Can't step over the line, And you don't give me any sign, So I will take a deep breath and rise up, I live unnaturally, Half with you half with me, All my words lay waisted at your feet. I won't let go of you, There's no limit to my love."
  13. Boadicea (Human Life Remix) - Mason Feat. Roisin Murphy: "As the hunter is hunted down, She slays her enemies on sacred ground, The bloody battles have left their scars, yet she will fight the good fight though it breaks her heart, Boadicea, surreal life, Boadicea."
  14. Targa (Bestrack Remix) - Russ Chimes: "I'm going to bite the bullet and chase the night with you."

Thanks for listening!

Kerry Poynter