Club Kerry NYC Podcast & The Official Podcast of Madonna Remixers United

Electronic Love (2009) 10th Anniversary [Vocal House, Progressive House, Trance]

DJ Kerry John Poynter

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Electronic Love, classic mix episode from 2009. Dusted off, uploaded again to celebrate 10 years of #ClubKerryNYC. #VocalHouse #Trance #ProgressiveHouse

Club Kerry NYC 10th Anniversary, Jan. 13, 2009-2019.

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This one is a bit more chill than the usual. There is a lyrical theme about forlorn love all to an electronic beat, thus electronic love. As usual there are some favorites such as Deadmau5, Moonbeam, Shapeshifters, as well as a remake in the form of Nothing Compares to You. Don’t miss the outstanding Madonna track Frozen 09’ by Juicybar.


Track List (62:05):

1.    You & I (Deadmau5 Remix) – Medina: Deadmau5 popularized the sound, in my opinion, in the next three songs. “There is no one to break me or bring me down. We are at the end of our stupid lies…”

2.    Nothing Compares to You (Last Minute Remix) - Consoul Training Feat Joan Kolova: Originally written by Prince and recorded by Sinead. “Nothing can stop these lonely tears from falling.”

3.    Electronic Love (Club Mix) – Christian Weber: I remember an 80’s tune that sounded something similar to the chorus in here.

4.    We Are The People (The Shapeshifters Vocal Remix) - Empire Of The Sun: The Shapeshifters breathe new life into one of my fave tunes from earlier this year. Find ‘We Are the People’ on my previous set titled ‘A Redefinition of Dance’. “Are you gonna leave me now?”

5.    It Only Hurts (Club Mix) - Julie Thompson: Julie has been the voice of so many club songs over the years. She finally has her own full length album coming out that is produced by Andy Duguid. This is the first release.  “It’s not the first time. It won’t be the last time. I’ll find you.”

6.    Frozen 09’ – Madonna & Juicybar: I have a certain prejudice toward underground Madonna remixes. They always sound awful due to the low quality. However, Juicybar, (dj/producer Wiretap & musician/producer Bluejacker) have really done an outstanding job here. Their chill electronic sound works quite well. They hail from Dublin. Make sure to check out their other tunes at Thanks for sharing the tune guys! Somehow, I think M would approve. “You're frozen. When your heart's not open.”

7.    Falling (Original Mix) – Andy Duguid feat. Julie Thompson: I’m anticipating the new album. So here is an old favorite from Julie and Andy. “Catch me when I’m falling through.”

8.    Counting The Days (Moonbeam Remix) - Lavkastor feat. Nicole Tyler: Moonbeam, Pavel and Vitaly Khvaleev from Russia, have consistently been one of my favorite trance remixers. I couldn’t help but to mix this new track with the now classic tune To Forever. Genious.

9.    To Forever (Moonbeam Mix) – Rachael Starr: “Babe, I just hope that you know. To never let me go.”

10.    Mistake (Lifelike Remix) – Moby: It’s all about the Lifelike mix. “Don’t leave me again!”

11.    The Sound Of Missing You (Extended Mix) – Ameerah A fun pop house vocal to close us out. “And I can’t escape it…”

Thanks for listening!

Kerry Poynter