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Hiding All The Stars (Vocal House, Dance) - DJ Kerry John Poynter

Inspiring Your Electronic Dance Music Scene!

Track List (57:51)

  1. Hiding All The Stars (Original Mix) - Chicane: With a sample of Gary Numan's 1980's hit Cars and a driving beat we are once again reminded of the greatness that is Chicane. This is not quite the trance sound that they are known for but the electro groove is fun. Lyrics: "You can say what you want, Find the path that you lost somewhere, Be a fly on the wall, Take a dive off a fall in prayer, Everyday there’s a choice, nothing gained from the path we know, There the ones to be wrong, Hiding all of the stars out there"
  2. Fountains of Youth (Timothy Allen Remix) - Loverush UK feat. Molly Bancroft: I found myself enjoying a number of recent Loverush UK remixes. This is the first of three on this set. Originally a big club hit in the U.K., it is now being marketed in the States. Deserves more attention!
  3. Hang On (Digital Dog Remix) - Plumb: Oh how I have loved some Plumb tunes in the past such as Cut, Damaged, and In My Arms. Did you know she's a Christian artist? She has a greatest hits CD of sorts out now. Digital Dog, as always, puts out a magnificent remix.
  4. It's Alright (Loverush UK Remix) - Aviv Geffen: The second Loverush tune makeing an okay Aviv Geffen tune into something great. Aviv is an Israeli artist and this tune is from his first English language album currently being marketed in Europe.
  5. Alright (Domain Pettigrew Remix) - Red Carpet: The original of this tune ruled my original my (gasp) cd walkman back in 2001. I thought it was time to dust off this 2007 mix because of the uplifting good feeling it always seems to give me. Lyrics: "The sun is gonna keep on shining, Bright days on a new horizon, My love for you will keep on risin', Everything is gonna be alright"
  6. Here Comes The Rain Again (Freemason's 2009 Remix) - Eurythmics: One of my top ten favorite songs of all time. How perfect that my favorite DJ/producers put in an awesome production. Welcome back Annie!
  7. Make This Your Day (Gareth Emory Remix) - Fabio XB feat. Micky Vi: If your a Club Kerry NYC fan then you know I'm a Gareth Emory fan and a lover of good vocal trance with an uplifting lyric. Perfect! Lyrics: "Make your cut above the rest, Don’t waste time and don’t look back, ...Set the fire in your soul, Push the button now, Make this your day"
  8. Here on Earth - Tiesto feat. Cary Brothers: Tiesto turns out a nice vocal trance tune from his new album. Almost pop Tiesto! Lyrics: "And you take your time, because we've got all night Saturday or nothing, we can do what we want, I'm a sucker for your game, it's the way you tease, And it's so unreal, when we touch the ceiling"
  9. Stars Collide (Loverush UK Remix) - Damien S. feat. Femke: The final Loverush with a killer chorus. Check out their site at
  10. Wicked Game (The Letting Go Mix) - Hott 22: No one can do better than the original Chris Isaak tune but this is total fun. Reminds me a bit of recent work by David Guetta.
  11. Million Dollar Bill (The Freemasons Club Mix) - Whitney Houston: Why am I listening to Whitney? Oh yeah, it's the Freemasons! This should have been the mix to kick off her new album.

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