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Madonna MDNA is God! Version 2 (A DJ Tribute) [Dance, Vocal House] - Kerry John Poynter

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Madonna MDNA is God ! Version 2 (A DJ Tribute 2013) [Dance, Vocal House] #ClubKerryNYC Chartable "Global Reach" top 20 music podcast. "Stylistically superior. The best vocal house podcast on the net." (iTunes Review)

The Goddess. So hypnotic... When I hear those 808 drums...

This is not your typical "best of" Madge hits in a DJ set. That would be boring. *Yawn*... heard it all before (I'm not sorry!). The #1 touring and dance music artist of our time comes alive in this one hour set of addictive (and that's okay!) MDNA remixes. However, the heart of this set is the large helping of recent mash ups, underground remixes, and rarities that will make any True Blue "Erotic" Madonna fan "Liquid Love" wet in all the right places... "Every record sounds the same..." but not this DJ set!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's the point. Enjoy! 

Update 2/8/13: Boy Culture blog shows some LUV for this DJ set! Check it out here.

Track List (62:34):

  1. Girl Gone Wild (Offer Nissim Club Mix) - Madonna
  2. Turn Up The Radio (R3hab Surrender Remix) - Madonna
  3. Gang Bang (Tracey Young Private Mix) - Madonna
  4. Give Me All Your Luvin' (Sultan & Ned Sheppard Remix) - Madonna
  5. Isaac (Mark Lower Remix) - Madonna - Mark breathes new life into this increda track from the Confessions album.
  6. Erotica (You Thrill Me) (Confessions Tour Mix) - Madonna - The original demo of Erotica called "You Thrill Me" is re-imagined in the Confessions Tour in 2006. Wowsa!
  7. Broken (Paul Oakenfold Rework Club Mix) - Madonna - Demo from the Hard(ly) Candy sessions reworked by Oaky. Why is this an amazing tune not included on the album? BOO Madge!
  8. Heavy Voices - Madonna vs Aura & Loverush UK! - The final and perhaps best track from the 2008 Hard(ly) Candy album is reimagined by one of my faves... Loverush UK! (see track #10.)
  9. Drowned World (BT & Sasha's Bucklodge Ashram Remix) - Madonna
  10. Liquid Loverush (Madonna vs. Loverush UK!) - Madonna - A vocal demo from the Ray of Light sessions not included in the album. FUCKING WOW!!!!! Thank you Loverush UK!!!!!!
  11. Mother & Father (Peter Rauhofer Re-Invention Mix) - Madonna - Underrated track from the American Life album. Of course Peter Rauhofer can do no wrong. Madonna could fart to a Rauhofer beat and it would be gold. (See the next track!) "Mother.... Father..." 
  12. Nothing Fails (Peter's Lost in Space Remix) - Madonna - (I love Peter Rauhofer! Some of my best nights in NYC.)
  13. I'm Addicted - Madonna
  14. Madonna Has A Kiki (Madonna vs Scissor Sisters) - Captain Obvious

Thanks for listening!

Kerry Poynter