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Summer Music High (Vocal House, Dance) - DJ Kerry John Poynter

Inspiring Your Electronic Dance Music Scene!

Music to take you high, as we herald a new summer up here in the northern hemisphere. Guaranteed to lift your spirits. Everything I love in vocal dance including big beats, progressive house, uplifting lyrics and high energy fun. "This music will take you high!" (Track #1). "So higher the music... music release our faith, music we are born again." (Track #7). "...higher higher higher higher hey hey." (Track #6). Enjoy!!!

*** = DJ Favorite! As always, all of these are my favorites.... but some still manage to stand out from the best. It was a struggle to keep it to only four!

Track List (58:36):

  1. Sun Is Up (Cahill Club Mix) - Inna: "This music will take you high!"
  2. Girls With Bangs (Tiesto Remix) - Luna: "Under my hair the rain can't follow us 'cause we are safe there."
  3. *** The Days To Come [Original Mix] - Arias & Arno Cost ft Michael Feiner: *** DJ Favorite! "Keep your head up high...It's not over, all we need is one more chance, we can change the days to come."
  4. *** Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend (Kaskade Club Mix): *** DJ Favorite! "And it won't make sense right now but you're still her friend." Robyn continues to be the electronic music diva I want. Has completely replaced Madonna for me in the last 3 years. Thank You! Also, Kaskade is STILL God! (Kaskade Is God!)
  5. *** Save The World (Extended Mix) - Swedish House Mafia: *** DJ Favorite! "Turn up the love now, listen up now, turn up the love... we’re gonna make it you and I, we’re gonna save the world tonight."
  6. Higher (Your Love) [Original Mix] - Beckwith feat. Ineabell: "Your love your love your love takes me higher higher higher higher hey hey." It's not lyrically profound but it's an uplifting heaven.
  7. Til Death (Denzal Park Extended Mix) - Wynter Gordon: "So hot y'all the music, So loud, like i don't know what to do with it... So higher the music... The music, we all are born again, With the music we die, With the music we fight, We surrender ourselves, It's now." Why isn't Wynter Gordon more popular than Lady Caca?
  8. Never Too Late (Original Mix) - Citylife: "I can see the perfect sky's above... It's never too late for love."
  9. *** Through The Night (Laserkraft 3D Remix) - Grum: *** DJ Favorite! "Drive, straight through the night, we can make it home before daylight."
  10. Personal Jesus (The Stargate Mix) - Depeche Mode: "Your own personal Jesus, someone to hear your prayers, someone who cares." The classic Depeche Mode song reborn! To hell with those of you that hate a little deference to our electronic music elders!
  11. Sun & Moon (Club Mix) - Above & Beyond feat. Richard Bedford: "When I lay with you and close my eyes, Our fingers touch the sky."
  12. Cinema (Extended Mix) - Benny Benassi: "I could watch you for a lifetime, You’re my favorite movie... You are A cinema I could watch you forever Action Thriller I could watch you forever."
  13. I Got You (Antillas & Dankann Inda House Rework) - Nari & Milani & Cristian Marchi feat. Max C: "My lonely days are gone and I can smile again. I'm so glad that I got you." Such a cheesy fest of lyrics but positively meaningful with that house rework. Gotta love it!
  14. Rolling in the Deep (Bedroom8 Remix Extended Version) - Adele: The song of the moment finally gets a decent remix. Thank You! "Reaching a fever pitch and it's bringing me out the dark."

Thanks for listening!

Kerry Poynter