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The Amazing Love Groove! (Vocal House, Dance) - DJ Kerry John Poynter

Inspiring Your Electronic Dance Music Scene

The first 30 minutes (Tracks 1-7) just don't let you go. It's Amazing! Suddenly you're in love with the groove and 30 minutes later it's all over. Uplifting big beat lyrical goodness. One of my favorite DJ sets this year. "Believe me, you gotta pick yourself up and see the world light up (Track #1)!". Enjoy at 320 high quality mp3! (You're welcome.)

*** = DJ Fave

Track List (61:57):

  1. Amazing (feat. Adam Turner) (Original Club Mix) - Mars and Vans - ***DJ Fave*** - "Believe me you're not alone now, I can see you smiling at the turn of the tide, It's amazing, You gotta pick yourself up and see the world light up, tonight's you're night, cause you're amazing!... Believe."
  2. One and Only (R3hab Remix) - Cherry Cherry Boom Boom - This tune will be stuck in your head on repeat. "You're the sun and I'm the planet spinning round."
  3. Standing In Your Way (StoneBridge Revibe) - StoneBridge, Matt Joko & Jonathan Mendelsohn feat. Crystal Waters ***DJ Fave*** Again, I would marry Mr. Mendelsohn. "Just free yourself... I pray someday you will find your way... release yourself...only thing standing in your way is you!" This tune is simply perfect.
  4. Every Breath (Original Mix) - John Dahlback, Greg Cerrone, Janice Robinson - "Heavenly father hear my cry. This is a song to save my life!" It just might.
  5. Feel Ur Love (Original Mix) - Jean Elan, CJ Stone Feat. Jonny Rose - "I'm stuck here crying at the moon. Love happens fast now it's gone too soon. Cause I feel your love. We go on and on and it's been too long."
  6. So Young So High (Extended Mix) - Dada Life - "Falling fall in love we will never ever come down." I love the double entendre in this tune.
  7. Into The Groove (Speedboats & Big Explosions Scotch-Powered Remix) - Madonna/The Queen -  "At night I lock the door so no one else can see. I'm tired of dancing here all by myself! Get into the groove cause you got to prove your love to me." Check out SBBEmusic/Speedboats&BigExplosions at then get your own free download of this remix at
  8. Good Times (I'm In Love) (Lifelike Remix) - Cerrone - "I'm falling in love, falling, I'm falling in for you. WHOOO!"
  9. New York is Dead (Dirrty Panda's Tribal Electro Club Mix) - Noah - New artist Noah Christopher explains my feelings about NYC. Check him out at Thanks for the track, Noah! "Get a bottle of booze, New York is dead, Come alive come alive!" I think he's referring to a personal resurgence but I like the seemingly immediate criticism of city night life. Another double entendre like track #6. Intelligent dance.
  10. You & I (Original Mix) - Project 46 & DubVision feat. Donna Lewis - "You and I are where we wanna be, cause nothing comes between you and us."
  11. Lies (Otto Knows Remix) - Burns - Just let this tune grow on you. So good. Originally by Deborah Cox. "Baby please forgive me for what I'm about to say... I know you ain't been true, that's why I'm telling you."
  12. Forever Young (Original Mix) - Robbie Rivera - Classic 80's remade! - "I want to be forever young. Do you want to live forever?"
  13. Sail on the Waves (Future Disciples Remix) - Walsh & Mcauley feat. David Berkeley - "I'm trying to reach you. I'll sail away with you." ***DJ Fave***
  14. Amazing (reprise) - Adam Turner, Mars and Vans

Thanks for listening!

Kerry Poynter