Club Kerry NYC Podcast & The Official Podcast of Madonna Remixers United

Finally Enough Love - The Official Podcast of Madonna Remixers United Ep. 9

MRU Remixers Select

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The Official Podcast of Madonna Remixers United (MRU) -  Episode 9. Finally Enough Love: MRU Remixers Select

In celebration of Madonna’s new Finally Enough Love (50 #1’s Billboard Dance Club Chart). Available on every podcast player worldwide. Choose your fave player or download at

Stream at

Visualizer video in HD on YouTube at

Produced and mixed by Kerry Poynter. Artwork by Nurmemagi Designs.

What if Madonna and Warner decided to produce a Finally Enough Love (Version 2) after the runaway success of the first, but this time featuring underground and previously unofficial remixes of her 50 #1’s? Madonna Remixers United remixers were asked to provide their best remix (previously released or new) of her 50 #1’s as if Madonna herself requested it. An expertly curated list of remixes. The result is a musically boundary pushing sonic pallet of mid-tempo and contemporary grooves that showcase the deep talent of the remixers currently active with Madonna Remixers United, notable remixes blessed by Madonna herself, and a couple classics from MRU years past.

Get warmed up for the upcoming select mix as we go “behind the remix” with fast paced featurettes with ODM (What It Feels Like for a Girl), Roman Nurmemagi (supporting Peter & The Blue: Your Heart is Not Open), Lukesavant (Medellin), Marco Sortori (Jump), DJ Tenzen (Nothing Fails), and NEPH*EW (Erotica).

Track List: (86:16):

  • 00:00 – 00:40 Intro & the MRU Studio With Madonna 
  • 00:40-10:50 Behind The Remix featurettes
  • 10:50-86:16 Finally Enough Love: MRU Remixers Select.
  1. What It Feels Like For A Girl (ODM Stripped Mix) – Madonna
  2. Your Heart is Not Open (Peter & The Blue Remix) – Madonna
  3. Medellin (Lukesavant Madame X 2020 Remix) – Madonna ft. Maluma
  4. Vogue (Southmind’s Salvation Dub) – Madonna
  5. Jump (Marco Sartori Remix) – Madonna
  6. Nothing Fails (DJ Tenzen Remix) – Madonna
  7. Bedtime Story (Arihlis Remix) – Madonna
  8. Ray of Light (Dens54 & Zan Zabee 99 to 22 Remix) – Madonna
  9. Like A Virgin (Dens54 Original Rebel Heart Tour Demo Studio Remix) – Madonna
  10. La Isla Bonita (Ok James Wild & Free Mix) – Madonna
  11. God Control (Dubtronic We Need Love Remix) – Madonna
  12. Express Yourself (Bad Feminist Dub) – Madonna
  13. Sorry (Rising Sun Trance Remix) – Madonna
  14. Dress You Up (Mission Groove Black Tie Vocal) – Madonna
  15. Erotica (NEPH*EW Who’s Bong is This Mashup) – Madonna
  16. Into The Groove (Taj Bootleg) – Madonna
  17. Everybody (Skin Bruno 30 Years After Mix) - Madonna

Thanks for listening!

Kerry Poynter

DJ TenzenProfile Photo

DJ Tenzen

Music Producer

DJ TENZEN is a Baltimore based music producer known for his atmospheric remixes and moody original tracks.

Marco SartoriProfile Photo

Marco Sartori

Italian based remixer/producer

(From I fell in love with music. When I was 11, I used to listen to the radio all day. My favourite singers of that period were Samantha Fox, Sandra, Duran Duran, Europe, and of course Madonna. I was fascinated by how music could be watched. I was addicted by videoclips and how artists made their art with videos.
I started going to the disco when I was 13. Initially on Sunday afternoons, and when I was 14 in the evenings. I stayed under the console watching the DJ's for hours. I wanted to become a DJ myself and little by little I started to do my own stuff. I knew the DJ of the club and he let me play my mixes the last 30 minutes before closing. By 16 I became a resident DJ in that club.
My remixes are the result of what I like about a song and what I would like to improve… Not always a dance version of a particular song. Madonna is my favourite artist but I don't always agree with her choice of music (musical arrangement, composition or instrumentation). So what I try to do in my remixes is to keep what I like and cut what I don't like. For example: in my opinion she uses the guitar too much in her albums... and guitar is not always cool. So almost always I cut her guitar in my remixes. I find it’s difficult to remix a song that I like completely, if it's flawless I don't have anything to improve and nothing to cut
I'm a quiet, not a social or public person. I don't like to go to the disco anymore. But sometimes with 1 or 2 "Spritz" (Italian alcoholic drinks) I can let loose and turn into what I am not...

NEPH*EWProfile Photo



California based remixer/producer. Affiliated with Madonna Remixers United.

(From Growing up in Idaho in the 80s it wasn’t long before I ditched the toys and picked up a boombox. From a very early age my interests became consumed with music. My cousins had inherited a massive record collection in the mid 80s and I was obsessed with exploring and experiencing new music. It wasn’t long before my focus changed from the Muppets to Madonna. I spent my adolescent years loving music and loving Madonna, often saving my lunch money so I could buy albums from the Sam Goody. When I was in my early 20s, I moved to New York City. I attended clubs like the Roxy and the Tunnel just to hear the latest remixes of Madonna and others. I was very interested in the concept of reinventing music to suit the dance floor and looked up to the DJs. Later when I moved to Minneapolis, I reconnected with my uncle who was a club DJ for 25 years. He would make arrangements for me to be admitted to his clubs and events even though I was underage. At the door they would have me on the list as “DJ’s Nephew” something I didn’t think much about at the time, but when I started club djing I realized it would be the perfect moniker. It was around 2005 when I purchased my first Digital Audio Workstation and began making mixshows, mashups, and remixes. My first was “Madonna – Get Into the Minimal Groove”; a mashup of Madonna and the Pet Shop Boys. The remix was surprising popular and I did a few more before my focus shifted to club djing. Around 2012 I stopped club djing and spent my time learning more about music theory and production. Today I am happy to say I am a song writer and music producer. I am writing my own music and creating my own sounds. It is thrilling to continue making new and unique Madonna mixes as well as other contemporary artists. I prefer not to repeat what Madonna and others have already done; I am interested in changing the sounds, not recreating them. I hope to open eyes and ears to a world of unique ideas and sounds. I look forward to sharing much more in the future.
Love Always NEPH•EW

ODM (Jake O’Dwyer) , a.k.a. D'LuxeDJProfile Photo

ODM (Jake O’Dwyer) , a.k.a. D'LuxeDJ


London based remixer/producer, a.k.a. D'LuxeDJ. Affiliated with Madonna Remixers United.

(From I have been interested in sound since I was a small kid. One of my earliest memories is hearing I Feel Love by Donna Summer and being blown away by that awesome bassline thumping between the speakers. I used to listen to one speaker, then the other and then just sit in the middle of them in wonderment.
Madonna has been a part of my musical discovery for 35 years now. Her music has been the soundtrack to my life for so long that I would be lost without it.
Remixing her songs brings me so much joy. I cannot begin to describe how healing the process is. Whatever is going on in my life, the excitement, passion and joy that I feel when I start a new remix is always the same.
Madonna's music has fuelled my love of music production. Don't get me wrong, as an artist she unparalleled. But as I've said before, the release of You Can Dance changed everything for me.
I was kind of aware of remixes before that album, after that I became obsessed. Those glory days of the early 90s, Shep Pettibone, Madonna pushing boundaries... Amazing.
I used remix on a tape to tape deck, chopping stuff up, extending... All the while wanting to to create a whole new sound. Finally, in 2001 I got my first Mac and I've never looked back.

LukesavantProfile Photo


Remixer/Co-Founder Madonna Remixers United

California based remixer/producer. Madonna Remixers United founder.