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Madonna Is God! DJ Tribute Series

I'm an unapologetic fan of The Queen. She appears often in my mixes for good reason. Nobody else comes close to 50 number one Billboard dance chart hits. Yes, 50! I also appreciate a good underground remix. Here are my tributes that have appeared on my feed for the last 13 years. - Kerry

Madonna's Heartbreak Beats (2022)

Deep Reinventions - Madonna is God! v.7 (2020)

Goddess Control (The 2nd Coming) (2020) (Visualizer Beat Synced Video on YouTube)

Goddess Control (MadameX is God!) (2019)

Madonna is God! V.6 (2019)

Madonna is God! V.5 (2018)

Rebel Hearts Unite! Madonna is God V.4 (2015)

Madonna is God! V.3 (2015)

Underground Madonna Part 2 (2014)

Underground Madonna Part 1 (2013)

Madonna MDNA is God! V.2 (2013)

Madonn is God! V.1 (A Protest Tribute) (2011) Back when she had not released any new music for years... Only available now on my app: